Raising a Positive Child

Raising a Positive Child

Life is bigger than one can imagine when you are young – there are so many choices, possibilities, and pressures – so how does one choose, which pressures will one fall victim to, and what wonderful opportunities may be waiting ahead?

If there was a sure answer on how to live life happily, it would have been bottled by now and everyone would have taken a dose or two or possibly hoarded it to drink as we age.  The truth is there is no right way to live, no right way to raise a child, and no right way for a young person to grow – it’s about the child’s truth and how he or she will speak it over the course of his or her days and nights.

Raising a positive child is a space where personal check-ins, questions, “I wish I would have….”, and success stories of parents or anyone who is involved in raising children will be shared. It is a space where one can learn about research-based strategies, suggestions, and resources to help connect young adults to positive actions, and it is a space where you can be coached on changing behaviors to benefit yourself and others.

Join in, reflect , and respond on what can be done to raise our children with high self-esteem, growth oriented mind-sets, and a consciousness of global compassion.

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